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Social program

Social project for the security of the city with particular attention to adolescents, the result of a personal experience gained three years ago.
The goal of my program, the experience of Parent, then become an idea and today a social project, it is to make the school and the nearest education to young people, facilitate safe gathering places of the city.
The parks or simply public meeting places, bars, clubs are often the area where the boys encounter a world full of dangers for their physical and mental well-being.
pivotal point of the project is by what means and how the social system should overpower these devastating phenomena whereas the problem has several aspects:
bullying (a phenomenon that too often, it spreads virally through the so-trivial technological instruments and wide use among adolescents);
addictions (alcohol, soft drugs);
dropping out of school or away from the rules of good manners and / or compliance with the rules in general, the companions and the weakest.
How to reduce the problem before it becomes irreparable? The actions are: identification, control and reduction of these phenomena.
Possible Solutions:

In the school

The teachers need to be matched by the institutions to be more motivated to play the role of educators often complex or certain times, impossible.

The Local Government (municipality) can imagine to implement one-stop listening for both teachers and parents, or the children; to have a team of professionals (including young interns) psychologists or motivators (coach) that they can make a monitoring and "motivation" work for the teachers often difficult if not impossible when they face particularly lively boys and not in school.

We have to reposition the role of the professor and the role of the student and the success rates in this regard. Aim for 90% of satisfied professors and 90% of students framed in a learning path. In my project, the mobile phones of the boys do not have to be made payable to a parent but the children themselves, and their operation should be restricted to opening hours, clearing the school environment from disturbances.

By way of example, from 8.00 to 14.00 the social functions should automatically disable, can work only certain phone numbers for service communications, in this collaboration of telephone Managers.
Local institutions (Municipality, Province, Region) should be closer to the needs of the body teach, motivate them to make a more inclusive labor, aggregate together the young and not accentuate and marginalize those less fortunate. Today the percentage of young people leaving school or trudging is too broad and grows more and more, definitely not decrease them, sometimes takes place in their interest a virtual world that takes him far from reality, from the family rules, the Royal Society ( family, school). The main objective is to bring the boy to objectives that will lead to a correct entry in the Company, not an ever increasing marginalization.

The meeting places must be safer

Impossible to accept that there is the drug dealing in the neighborhood of many schools, in some bar, in some nightclubs.
significant phenomenon in every part of the city, any metropolitan area is subject to similar risks. It 'a viral and cross phenomenon.
For this urge by administrative means the Managers of shops to make a tighter control work, unacceptable "status quo", a guy (especially girls!) Under the 18th age. which may take liquor in any room without verifying the legal age!
Otherwise under Me, you have to punish the owners of commercial licenses, until the suspension it. The fun need, is a concept of democracy and must be done by professionals in the entertainment does not by those who only see the economic results at any cost, in this case the cost is high, the health of our Youth.
For public gathering places involve the initiatives already established over the years in the area. I think of the voluntary associations already present in the city and that successfully make their contribution for the homeless could be an integral part of the supervisory bodies of the public areas as a form of deterrence with the boy's identification faculties and request to speak any public force. With a form of control of the territory it would lead to less crime without transforming the city into a police state, we do not want and maybe we can not afford. This would help to deter malicious act as if they were free and undisturbed. I did some time for my son. Simultaneously it would have the benefit of letting law enforcement dedicated primarily other forms of more serious crimes metropolitan, reducing state costs for many calls to the emergency services.